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Friday, 3 February 2012

Diary Entry - 3rd February, 1917

Bee: Rang up Boo and found the Kid was out of town, but she came up for lunch. Heard the startling news that Sam McCaughey and Una McKellar were being married at one p.m. today. Dashed off to the wedding and met hundreds of people there. Had lunch with the Kid, Barbara, Bill Hunter, Chettie and Nan. Then went to the Hupla in the evening, which was quite good. I went and saw Dr Blakie this evening about my boil and got overhauled. He did not remember me but looked up his records and then found he had had me before.

There are no further entries from either Walford or Bertie until 12th February, 1917


  1. Who were Boo & the Kid? Do you know? Still following this diary with great interest.

  2. I think that Barbara was probably Barbara, as in John's wife, and the kid was John Manifold the younger - this is what mum thinks.