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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Diary Entry - 16th February, 1917

It seems to have at last started thawing in earnest and a bright day and lots of planes about. I left the W.L about nine am and did not have to walk far before I caught a lorry as far as [illegible] Well, and was glad to walk the rest to get warm. The road was very slippery and the Huns had a balloon up very high which looked right into Pozieres, but the the slight ground mist stopped him from seeing over much. Claudet and Gough were the only two here when I arrived but Walrond and Bromley came back for lunch. I found when I got here that I was wanted to stay here as Walrond and Claudet are to go on leave on Sunday. Claudet went back to the wagon line and I stayed up. Heard great talk about an attack which is to take place tomorrow. They have been fairly badly strafed here while I was away. A Sub billet was hit direct and one man killed - and plenty of shell holes about.


  1. As he says, iIn his absence they seem to have been quite heavily shelled; and 7th Fe, the 15th Battery lost 2 guns, and a Gunner Christopher Fraser (10592) 15th Bty was killed when his dugout was hit.

  2. Thank you, once again. The information you provide fills in the gaps and adds so much to the interest of what Walford and Bee wrote