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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Diary Entry - 11th December, 1916

Walford: The usual run of duty went on, with a few odd parades thrown in. Siggers took his section at gun drill for an hour before stables. During stables, the major had all the horses out in a field and reteamed them.

Bee: The divisional band turned up today, without any warning. The trouble is we have no big room or barn where we can put them to play, and it is raining hard. Of course, Todd, the man running the concert, made no arrangement for them to play. I happened to be in the brigade office at seven p.m. and heard them talking and said I would fix them up if only they would give me some kerosene to light my lamp. Inside 20 minutes they were playing – otherwise they would have gone without playing a note. The men had to stand in the rain, but nevertheless they enjoyed the music.

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