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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Diary Entry - 31st December, 1916

Bee:  I have been going hard all day with the new box respirator. It takes a long time as you first of all have to explain how to put it on, then fit each one and finally finish up by putting them through a lacrimatory room of tear shell. Got through over half the Battery, which was not bad, as also had to take [illegible] of each one. This morning the rest of the events of the Brigade sports were run off. I was very late and nearly missed the bus. The scurry was first event and, instead of being 4 furlongs, it was nearer a mile and the going was very heavy. I rode a pony and he was outclassed, but we finished up fifth. The Point to Point was next. There were twelve of us who started a 2-mile run of 12 jumps and very heavy going over stubble. I had a good mount but he wanted more training. The pace was very hot to start with and my mount got away at the first and was running fourth when he hit and fell at the seventh fence. When we picked ourselves up, they had got well away. But in the end we finished up fourth - but must add only jumped two fences on the home run. Scott, the Trench Mortar Captain, won; a DAC man, Wystan, ex-jockey, came second. I would have had a good chance, if I had not had a fall.

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