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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Diary Entry - 23rd December, 1916

Walford: During the morning Suttie went into Abbeville in the RA car, but before he left, being OC brigade, in Goschen's absence, he had mounted a picket in the town and put all estaminets out of bounds, to stop an occurrence of the previous days' drunken orgy. The picket bagged about 5 drunks. It rained in the afternoon and Cruikshank and I took a ride over the open country for exercise. The horse lines were like a bog as a result of the rain.

Bee: Blew a hurricane all day. I took the exercise this morning. The Tommies in the Brigade have been kicking over the traces, so Major Grant Suttie, who is acting Colonel, has put on a town picket and closed all estaminets, which has brought both them and the Mayor to their senses. The cinema was knocked over last night and damaged, which my section are blamed for, and so it has been stopped. We had our Christmas dinner party last night. Major, Carrington, Grant Suttie, Walrond, Captain Buxton, Todd, Thorlburn, Walford, Claudie and self. It went off very well but nothing like last year. I being Mess secretary did not have much time to fit things up. Having no flowers on the table rather spoilt things. It was very orderly, owing to restrictions on the men. We hear we leave here on the 1st and go into action at Courcerlay, a joyful spot - they say the Hun snipes the dial sights with a rifle and all ammunition has to be carried by hand.

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