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Monday, 5 December 2011

Diary Entry - 5th December, 1916

Bee: The Colonel was round this afternoon and told us we were to move into the Curais[?] House, intsead of Mills. This place is right at the opposite end of the town but is much larger and will take us easily. The Colonel had a meeting of OC to arrange about pastimes for the men while at rest. Our fellows have been kicking over the traces a bit and I have to do all the dirty work and had them all up this morning and dressed them down, telling them they would not have much fun if they did not pull themselves together. This meeting decided to have a concert, boxing, football and Canton Comte [?] I nearly fell over when Bromley came back and told me I was chosen to run the Canton [?] and recreation. I went and tried to protest against the Colonel, but he said it was no use, I would have to find time. Very easily said, but there is only Kershaw and Bromley in the Battery at present.

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