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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Diary Entry - 28th December, 1916

Bee: Had a very heavy frost last night, the ground was white. Today was the day for the RA sports, the Point to Point was to be held but had to be put off owing to the state of the ground - also the scurry. The mules' race was most amusing - all bareback. The nine starters all went well for the first 20 yards, then three got rid of their riders - just stopped dead and turned sharply. There were only three who completed the course. The winner never swerved and galloped well. The DAC ran away with most events. [Illegible] this the whistling on horseback, VC and tug of war. We won the relay race and foot race. I rode along the Point to Point course and it is very stiff - have two roads to cross and 12 jumps, with going very heavy. This afternoon, I borrowed a despatch rider's motorcycle and went to Aix-le-Chateau for a bath. I heard from Major Carrington tonight that it was impossible to get Jack transferred to this division.

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