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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Diary Entry - 14 December, 1916

Walford: A fine sunny day, so we moved the lines onto new ground. Siggers carried on with his gun drill each morning for the rest of the week. Left section beat the brigade in the afternoon. Kellagher came round for a few minutes in the evening and Walrond arrived back off leave.

Bee: The men always told me that they would buy me out once they got paid and they kept their word. The only failure is the beer - they can get it in the town. I went out to D 36's new quarters. They have got a big chateau about a mile out of this village and live like fighting cocks. All the horses are under cover, each officer has a room to himself. There was a brand-new aeroplane in the garden, which came down owing to engine trouble. It was on its way to Ypres, a Sopwith - a fast machine and I never knew what a compact thing they are.

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