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Monday, 26 December 2011

Diary Entry - 27th December, 1916

Bee: It has been a most wonderful day - perfect, in fact, although it rained hard last night. We had our Brigade sports, which were a great success. The officers' jumping was the first event. There were seven of us in for it. The jumps were four bush jumps, a 5-foot and a timber jump to finish up with. I managed to win. D36 had two good horses in, but they weren't too cunning. Walrond and Claudie fought for second and in the run off Claudie won, so the 15th did not do badly. In the secion jumping, we won hands down. There were also: a boat race; VC; hundred yards; tug of war; and wrestling on horseback. The star turn was the best turned out gun and team. Really this was a wonderful exhibition, the harness was wonderfully got up. Major Carrington judged and did it most thoroughly. The 48th came first and we second. The winner really had a wonderful show with the gun - they even varnished their paintwork and burnished up every bit of metalwork. I must say, I never expected to see such a show on active service. The feeling in the different batteries is running very high, but I must say we as a battery have done wonderfully well today.

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