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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Diary Entry - 25th December, 1916

Walford: Christmas, Suttie and I attended Holy Communion on morning stables - nine thirty to ten forty-five. After seeing men's lunch, Hoyland and I lunched and walked to Aix le Chateau. We also visited D36, finding them in a very exhausted condition as a result of lunch. Sanger beat to the wide, playing footer on a heavy lunch.

Bee: I went to Communion this morning. We first of all went out and tried some horses over the RA point to point hurdle race course. There were ten altogether. The going was very heavy. I rode Thorlburn's, which went very well but is not in much condition for that sort of work, although was much ahead of anything else that was there. Thank goodness Christmas only comes once a year, it is most upsetting. Two estaminets were opened today, of course the men made the most of it. We went round most of the subsection dinners, the sergeants' Mess was the funniest. The Wheeler Sergeant Hall and Viller being absolutely blotto. It is too much of a strain drinking their healths at every dinner.

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