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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Diary Entry - 17th December, 1916

Walford: After a heavy lunch, Suttie, Bailley, Siggers and I took a long walk in the fog, making across country and trying to lose ourselves. This we nearly did do and never got back until five thirty p.m.

Bee: The canteen job is never ending and takes up all one's time. I had a rather bad day. To start with, someone pinched my bicycle. Then heard, 10 minutes before the actual time, that the Colonel was coming round to see us take our sections at gun drill. It was a bit nerve wracking as I had no time to open a book I floundered away, my No. 1s helping me all they could. But my knowledge of sequence of orders was very crude. He dealt very leniently with me and said he advised me to look at the book. We were the first to be inspected and he was in good temper but believe he let go on some of the others. One sub in the 48th carried out a series with the muzzle cover on, which did improve things.

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