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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Diary Entry - 11th March, 1917

Walford: Having slept at rear position, came up to the guns with Walrond in the morning, he going on to shoot. About one p.m. Claudet rolled up, having lost his only pair of glasses on the way, so he was somewhat blind without them. So, after lunch, I went over to the 48th Mess to see Suttie about returning and arranged that I should come back on the next morning. The 15th had dug out a new Mess, which, although it smelt a lot, was better than the trench they used as a Mess, except for the rats, which were as big as fox terriers. I tried my automatic on one without success.

Bee: Feeling rather miserable, not smoking. Claudet went off to the guns this morning. I spent most of the morning settling up canteen account and Mess. Paid out in the afternoon. They are still wanting ammunition. We had a show on Grevillers trench yesterday and evidently got all our objectives. I saw quite a lot of prisoners coming down. What is going to happen when we move forward goodness knows as the ground is awful now.

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