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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Diary Entry - 21st March, 1917

Walford: I, being orderly officer, had to turn out for stables at seven a.m. The lines were a sight for sore eyes in the morning, as guns and wagons were dotted all over the place, some left where they had stuck in shell holes and yet others in very peculiar places. It was funny watering at Fritz's well, a spot which was only 60 yards from our gun position when we fought for Thiepval. The battery was to march at one a.m. but no-one ever expected to get off at that hour as things were so scattered and the men were very tired. At ten thirty a.m. I took the wagons and limber round to K dump, an ammunition depot on the northside of Pozière. As soon as they were emptied, we made for the old Aveluy lines, watering in the Ancre on the way. It was three p.m. by the time we had the horses fed and then turned out – I was glad to step into a Nissan hut once more and have a comfortable meal. After stables at four thirty, we settled down and were soon in bed after dinner.

Bee: Much finer today but still very cold. We were much luckier than the rest of the brigade as D 36 did not get in until twelve p.m. and the 48th and 71st did not get past Pozière. Heard today that we are going to the First Army who are somewhere between La Bassée and Arras. The 34th Brigade leave us and go to Army Troops. A tremendous lot of cavalry came through here today. A continual string, for three hours.

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