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Monday 26 March 2012

Diary Entry - 25th March, 1917

Walford: Saturday, Cruikshanks took my duty of OU and took a church parade of 48 men to church at ten a.m. Five of my men were late for the parade so detailed them for church in the evening. As soon as afternoon stables were over, the battery formed up and the Major gave them a little speech which was greeted with three cheers from the battery at the end, proposed by the Sgt. Major (Watford), of course. Soon after lunch I took some groups in the garden of the billet and we had not been finished two minutes when the general arrived. Cruikshank, Siggers, Evans and I went to church in the evening. The church was very empty. Carrington was there.

Bee: A glorious day. Usual routine. We were in trouble as some of our caucus burnt some timber belonging to baths.


  1. the 48th Battery Serjeant Major (for the rest of the war I believe) was BSM Percy Charles Watford (18188)

    1. Thank you - once again, great to have the extra depth of your details