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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Diary Entry - 22nd March, 1917

Walford: At nine a.m. there was an inspection of kit and necessaries by each section commander. There was a long list of stuff to go through and it took a good two hours - and I must say that was rather skimping it. Stables at eleven thirty. The little man (general) turned up and I had to run him round until Suttie came. I was not sorry when he did appear as he was asking numerous questions. Suttie lunched with brigade in Albert and Hoyland, Siggers and self called for him there after lunch with his servant, as we were all going to the baths. Walrond came to the baths with us and both he and Suttie were lucky getting into a hot bath straightaway. There were about six officers waiting before us and it was about one and a half hours before we had a look in, as the water supply was bad. Bee and Kershaw came out while we were waiting. At five p.m. we tea-d with Walrond, Bee and Claudet, (now a captain acting) at the officers' club and went on to the Anzacs' mixed show. They put on a splendid show and we thought them very clever. The pictures were also quite good and we got out and back home about eight p.m. I forgot to add that K (Kellagher) came to a farewell dinner that evening, as the 34th Brigade were on the next morning leaving the division for the North as Army Troops. It was indeed a reunion of the 48th battery and I only wish it held good to this day, as we were a happy family.

Bee: Fine early but then snowed like fun up to eleven a.m. I had to go to Senlis to the field cashier for money. Montaubon, our battery dog, was found yesterday after being lost for nearly two months. This afternoon I had a beautiful bath. Then I went to the officers' club for afternoon tea with the 48th - Siggers, Hoyland, Walford. From there we went on to the Bonza Theatre, run by Anzacs, and a very good show they gave too. Claudet received official news that he was made acting captain. We heard we were very likely going into action at Boulie or Vimy.

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