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Saturday 31 March 2012

Letter Home (Bee) - 28th March, 1917

15th Battery RFA
28th March 1917

Dear Mother and Father

Well, we have had no mail for a long time. I don't know whether I said in my last letter that I had received mittens, scarf and balaclava. I feel a regular dog with the mittens and scarf on. I think I last wrote on, and am still on, the move. So far we have been lucky not to have been on the road when it is raining, except for half a day. Rain makes it very unpleasant. The back area roads are in very bad condition. The area we are going through has had a very large amount of traffic on it. OUr men have done splendidly on the march. It is far harder for them than infantry as they get so little working. The officers get far more of that kind of exercise than the men in the artillery, but the heads, of course, don't look at it in that light. On the strength of it, they gave us a 20-mile march yesterday. It was not as if it was 20 miles you could walk straight out. The traffic was so heavy you would go a quarter of a mile and then halt and on again. My section were very cheery and sang all the way up to the last four miles. I walked all the way with them and had had quite enought of it when we got there.

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