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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Diary Entry - 29th March, 1917

Walford: We had a day's rest here and the old skins needed it. It rained all day, very heavily too, and, as Siggers and Hoyland went into St Pol, they were about wet through on their return. The whole battery were late at stables, which were at seven thirty a.m., and the Corporal of the picquet – Harwood – was put under arrest. But E subsection, one of my lot, did the usual, by being later than anyone else, so I gave them a gentle talking to and gave them two extra picquets, the worst offenders being made to suffer. Buxton passed through the town during the day and lunched with brigade.

Bee: Had a day's much needed rest as the men's feet were very sore. It was a miserable day, raining hard. Had no chance to groom, only walking exercise. Rumours were very prevalent as to where we were going but heard nothing definite.

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