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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Diary Entry - 7th March, 1917

Walford: A cold East wind blew all day and it was inclined to snow. Bromley went to the OP and tried to shoot, after coming down from the OP I went to rear position where I remained for the rest of the day. In the evening the wind was still high and it looked like more snow. Major came back to the four eights, Major Carrington having returned from leave.

Bee: I intended going up to the guns today but Bromley wrote and said Walford was with them so I did not. I can walk all right but it is still a bit sore. I went down to the 34th Brigade to try to ring up Bromley and while there Colonel Groschen came in, so it saved me no end of trouble. He said there was no use going up till it was quite all right, which rather consoled me, as I rather feel I ought to be there. He told me that each brigade is to have a cavalry colonel to look after the wagon line, which in my mind will cause a lot of friction. His name is Colonel Beach, an old grey-haired man.

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