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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Diary Entry - 4th March, 1917

Walford: At dawn went to Brigade OP, a new spot just in front of position. It was an old dug out - the old Bosche front line (Galwitz). It was a much better spot than the old one, although it only had the one entrance, Bosch not having had time to connect it up. This place commanded a good view of Grevillers Trench (present Hun line) and at eleven thirty a.m. Siggers came up and we cut wire and registered two other guns which had come up the previous night. As the 15th battery made things too lively for us there with prematures, we moved forward and to the left in the afternoon and then the 71s almost got us with a premature. It had been a good day and the batteries did a lot of damage to the wire through the day.

Bertie: Very cold and bright today. I was here all on my own. The only people left here now are 14 drivers who work the pack horses. Bromley and Oakley are at the guns. The 60–pounder has been hard at it all day and has only moved 30 yards. But they are leaving their mark behind them. The Padre came and buried the two men today.

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