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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Diary Entry - 17th January, 1917

Walford: At six thirty a.m. Bailly and I set out for the Bde OP, being chased over the crest in front of the guns by prematures from the 71s who were unable to clear the crest. There was a small barrage on. It was snowing and very difficult to find one's way and footing over the shell holes. However, we eventually arrived and relieved Hortayne of D36. It snowed till eleven thirty and then lifted, showing up the front very well, especially the wire.

Bee: Had a heavy fall of snow last night and it went on up to midday - about a 6-inch fall. I went round to the Brigade which is in the far end of the town. After lunch, we went and had a bath and feel ripping after it. Kellagher came to lunch and has just arrived back after leave and a course. They are all very pleased with the course and say the 2nd Division will have a great reputation. Three of the head people come from this Brigade. And I believe they make sure that everybody knows it. We went to dinner with the Brigade last night.

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