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Monday, 30 January 2012

Diary Entry - 30th January, 1917

Walford: At midday I went up to battalion HQ and relieved Wallace (50th). The Royal Berkshires were in and the Colonel was not a bad man, but the officers only just bearable. There was one little pisqueak called an intelligence officer there who had only been in the country about a month and he knew nothing but would keep giving his opinion on every subject. In the afternoon, I went out with the Major and a Colonel who was attached as thought I should gain some knowledge of the line. We met this damned little fool of an intelligence officer in Drouside[?] and he said, "You must come and see my observation post," and led us out over the top in full view for 400 yards, straight towards the front, and we eventually ended up in an old trench full of snow and ice where we stood waist high and he pointed out with a stick different points. The Major hinted that he could see the front quite well from Drouside where we observe from and I agreed with him and told him it was foolishness to come to a place like this in broad daylight as there was no cover if they turned on the guns. However, it did not subdue the young idiot and I could have kicked him when he started arguing with me as to which was Loupart Wood.

Bee: Left the guns after lunch. Damn cold wind and snowing. Came down with Hortayne, walked to Pozieres with a struggle. My boil was a bit of a nuisance and we then had the luck to get a lorry. Just as we left the Battery there was a Hun plane flying about, only about 500 feet up, having a great time on his own. They went for the wagon line yesterday morning and killed two horses and wounded a man very badly with the 6 in gun.

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