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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Diary Entry - 31st January, 1917

Walford: On being relieved, I walked straight down towards the Battery, but as we were being shelled I went into the 15th and had lunch. Bosch had been shelling the valley since eleven thirty and continued until three p.m., doing a lot of damage around the position. Two gun pits were blown in, the ammunition set on fire and the guns put out of action. The Mess also had a very narrow escape, one landing on the road just outside but, owing to the fact we were dug down fairly deep, no damage was done inside. It was rather amusing watching the ammunition go up from the 15th Mess door - it was as good a firework display as I've seen. The men were all down the mine dug out, playing the gramophone, and only one man was wounded, getting a piece through the calf of his leg while running to the cook house.

Bee: Find it very comfortable down here. Went looking for a new wagon line but find it very hard to find a spot. There is a little limestone in the ground, but very little. The ground, of course, at present is beautifully hard, but when the thaw does come we shall have more mud than ever.

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