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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Diary Entry - 21st January, 1917

Walford: Saturday I can't place. Sunday, Siggers returns from duty at Battalion HQ. He was chased down the valley by four twos, both he and Dickson arrive in a panting condition. I spent most of the time putting down trench boards in the Mess. Siggers going to Holy Communion at eight p.m. in D36 Mess just to our rear. Bailley and the infanteer, Cowan by name, were at the OP, shooting Bosche.

Bee: Still freezing. We had a man called Robertson Scott from the Cavalry to lunch. I wondered if he was any relative to the ones who were out with us. After lunch, I went out to try to find a Field Cashier. After a long hunt, found he had gone at midday. Nothing much doing.

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