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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Diary Entry -24th January, 1917

Walford: Scott and I walked to Albert in the morning to see Kershaw about our Nissan huts, which he was going to take from us. It was about lunchtime when we found him and, as he had nothing to eat, we went into an officers' chop house in the square in Albert. While lunching, Bosche dropped about eight bombs on the place and splinters were flying all roads but no-one seemed to mind or take any notice of them. In the afternoon, we walked up via RAHQ who were at Usna Hill just this side of La Boiselle and on to the saw mills to see about RE material, where I made a good deal. I thought it was cold at the guns but the cold was impossible in the Nissan huts, perched on the top of a hill and very badly put together with cracks all over the place - really the cold was frightful. And there were the poor old horses standing out on the top of the hill, with no rugs or cover and very short rations (8 or 9 lbs of corn daily, with bad hay sometimes thrown in.)

Bee: Another frost, it seems to be getting harder every night, but one does not feel it as much as we did at first. There are four of us up here at present, which is a bit of a strain in this Mess. I went into Courcelette looking for stoves but had no luck. Another Hun plane brought down today. One of our battery commanders rushed to get the machine gun off it but the Huns set it on fire before he got there. 

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