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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Diary Entry - 8th January, 1917

Walford: Today is X day for another go at Munich Trench to the east of Beaumont Hamel. We are supposed to make a demonstration on our front and fire 1,000 rounds, trying to bluff the Bosch. We got off 400 rounds and very cold work it was too, standing about, shouting the orders, as it was too [word missing] at the OP. Hoyland spent the day at Mase's post, a nasty spot on the right of the right battalion, which was held by a platoon. The only way to get to the place is under cover of darkness.

Bee: It rained like fun last night and blew and rained all day. I spent most of the day tracing leaks and applying remedies in the mess and erecting a new stove. He got another direct hit on one of our gun pits while four men were inside. They had a wonderful escape – not one was hit, but all had their hair singed and faces scorched by the fire. He has been very active today. One very nearly got me today. It landed about 10 yards away but, thank goodness, I never got a scratch.

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