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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Diary Entry - 19th January, 1917

Walford: In the morning, an infantry officer arrived. He was posted to us for five days, just to view life from our point of view.  Bailly goes to the OP and I just show him the guns and tell him anything he wants to know about their working. I had tea with the 71s in the afternoon and am rather amused at Murdoch, who is in bed with a boil on the leg. It still freezes.

Bee: Another cold night. It is cruel for the horses. We have an awful lot of men gone sick. There are always 16 on the parade and seven others have gone to hospital. The ADVS was to come round and see our horses with mange, but I got sick of waiting for him, he was so late. Armytage and I rode over to Marlincourt to try to see one of the Queensland Bells who is OC 9th Squadron Aeroplanes. Had a damn cold ride and when we got there found he had gone back to England two days before, to get a new squadron, which was rather bad luck. But they asked us in to dinner and were very decent to us. Then I went up for a short spin. We only got up to 500 feet and then came down as the machine was not running very well. I enjoyed what little I had immensely. It was a BE. They promised us that if we came over on a clear day they would take us up. Walrond and Mills went off to Amiens. We got back late and as I was coming up to the Mess met an Anzac officer who was going on leave. I brought him up and he had dinner with me and then set off. Train leaves at four a.m. His name was Levy and he hails from Bendigo.

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