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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Diary Entry - 28th January, 1917

Bee: Had to go to the OP this morning. The relief is at a brute of a time - six am. It is a Divisional OP - thank goodness it only comes around to our turn every now and again. The OP is an old German dugout which we cleaned out and is right in the open. But it is a damn cold place as you have to stand in the open. The thermometer went down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit last night. I must have caught a chill in my stomach as about two pm I was doubled up with pain and finally had to get Claudet to come up and relieve me about six pm, as I started shivering. Came back and went to bed. Found the Mess very cold as they had knocked down the wall into the new part.

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