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Friday, 27 January 2012

Diary Entry - 27th January, 1917

Wal: To give some idea of what the temperature had reached it will be a sufficient example to say that the petrol was freezing in the two gallon tins. Even hair oil, milk, anything like that, was frozen stiff, and we used to have a fire in the hut. in the morning, Scott and I went to Albert to catch a lorry ambulance or something on wheels for Amiens. We waited by the points man for half an hour when we got a lorry going halfway. Well we had to get out and I think we changed into four different machines before we eventually arrived about one p.m. After a good lunch at the Hotel de Rhin we coiffeured and Scott had his photo taken and it was tea time. But no tea was allowed to be sold until five thirty p.m. so we could not do much in that line. we had luckily met a man with an ambulance going to Senlis so we went with him and were dropped about six miles from Albert from whence we walked and rode in some empty GS wagons, walking the last mile to the W L from Albert.

Bee: Have been working hard all day on new Mess but it is a bigger contract than they first thought. There is still about four days work to be done and when Claudet and Bromley started they thought they could do it in a day. The 60 lb (?) Colonel was round and have now decided that his gun is to come in line with ours.There is no doubt that our valley will get it hot and strong when he starts shooting. 

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