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Friday, 6 January 2012

Diary Entry - 6th January, 1917

Walford: They shelled us again in the early morning but no damage was done and the gas blew away down the valley. Getting up in the morning was rather a difficult proceeding and we had breakfast served on a small table which was hinged to the wall and then got up by numbers, the one nearest the door starting. I was not in the best of form when I got up and almost flopped when digging a place for a new Mess. The Bosch planes seemed as bad a pest as at Maillet Mailly. It rained towards evening.

Bee: A foul day, cold wind and rain. We set to work on the hidden road and found quite a respectable metal road underneath a foot of earth. The 48th had a bad time last night and had a gun crippled and two men badly gassed. We had a bad time getting the gun back into position as the pit was full of gas. Walrond registered them all this morning, which took a long time as the ground is so soft that they jump about all over the place. The mud here is enough to drive one crazy, and our Mess is pretty well the limit, but suppose we shall soon settle down.

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