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Monday, 12 November 2012

Diary Entry - 12th November, 1917

Corporal Hornsby wounded – he was found on the road, lying in a pool of blood, evidently a bomb fell close to him and his horse threw him off. After lunch go up to the guns to relieve Siggers and got up there quite comfortably from Buffs Road, over the duckboards and there were no shells floating about. Just before I left, a nest of planes came right over the lines – about four Gothas amongst them – and they looked very dangerous as they hung right over the top of us. However, the bombs seemed to be carried away from us with the wind and none came very close. I had an uneventful walk over the boards and up the tram lines to find Nicholson in the pillbox, Siggers not having come in from the guns.

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