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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Diary Entry - 28th November, 1917

It turned out fine and the sun put in an appearance. I did not feel very strong and put it down to the deep dugout and the smoke inhaled on the previous night. The men get on building bivouacs in the side of the bank but most of the time is taken up watering horses from four tubs in the village, this performance taking a good part of two hours - and awful dirty water it was too. However, there was no other to be found. In the afternoon, we sent eight wagons to Ruyaulcourt to refill with ammunition, it being a good six miles around by Metz and Trescault. I pay a visit to the guns just about midday and find it can easily be reached on foot in 15 minutes. They all seem very comfortable so I stop to lunch with them.

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