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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Diary Entry - 24th November, 1917

We had taken the precaution of having the vehicles parked on the side of the road so that we would have no trouble about getting bogged but a wretched motor lorry trying to get into 41st brigade HQ in the afternoon bogged right against our No.2 gun. At five p.m. we moved off, but No. 2 wagon team stuck and I led off and halted some miles up the road until they all got through. By the time all vehicles had joined up with the column, we had lost an hour and a half. Siggers came up and said we would wait till supplies caught up, as they were the last to pass through the bad spot and he had ridden on as soon as they were through. Well, as it turned out, they gave more trouble, the two grey horses being inclined to jib, so Siggers took the battery on, while I brought them along in the rear. We called the Hun up about two miles through Steinvoorde, but I made them step it pretty hard. We had a good march and found on arriving to the minute that the RTO would not be ready for us till ten thirty so we parked all the vehicles near the railway siding, watered and fed and waited for our train to pull in. We commenced loading at ten thirty p.m. and had finished and begun dinner at one a.m. The men worked splendidly. Everything went without a hitch. We put on a section of the first section of the DAC as well. The train moved out at two a.m. Each section had one truck to themselves, the officers had a carriage, NCOs two and our servants one. We had brought along some Tommy's cookers and they proved very useful in the train as the servants cooked meals and passed them in through the window.

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