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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Diary Entry - 25th November, 1917

The train journey was quite comfortable and when we woke up at Aubigny we found there was only about 12 miles to go. After leaving Arras we passed through what was the old frontline before the retreat from Bapaume to the Hindenburg line. Achiet le Grand was reached about nine thirty a.m. but we stopped there over an hour before proceeding to Bapaume. On reaching Bapaume we disentrained and, after watering and feeding, awaited our orderlies who had proceeded by an early train to find billets and come back and guide us to them. After waiting three hours and finding no one, Siggers sent me on ahead to Haplincourt to see if any of the artillery could be found. Sure enough we found the 15th installed and also dug out our two orderlies who were made to leave their bicycles at Achiet and come on in a motor lorry. Sent Wrate back to guide them on and went back myself when I had seen the lines and billets. We eventually got in about seven p.m. It was a bad entrance and had some trouble pulling in.

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