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Friday, 9 November 2012

Diary Entry - 9th November, 1917

It rained most of the night but cleared in the morning. We had two teams down in the mud near the railway line. The R E have built an embankment over our already muddy lane. Getting over it the horses sink down to about 18 inches in gluey clay, and there they stick. The railway seems to be gradually being formed into a siding and we shall have to find another way out. In the afternoon Cruickshank and I again go to brigade with the same result as before and only see Connover and Todd. The approach to their HQ on horse is simply awful, about 200 yards of mud 18 inches deep. We made another way out by pulling away some barbed wire entanglements. It is very bad in one spot to but think it will hold out.

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