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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Diary Entry - 14th November, 1917

A very misty morning and inclined to rain. We fired the usual early-morning barrage somewhere about six a.m. The Hun scored two direct hits on the railway line by which the ammunition comes up. The men at the OP pillbox remove all sorts of rubbish, including a D3 telephone, a pair of glasses and a German box of bombs. The amount of other debris in the way of old tins was something extraordinary. Colonel came round the guns at nine a.m. and seemed pleased with what the signallers had done on the previous night at the OP. They went out twice on the wire to Kron Pince[?]. Once they found the people there had the wire off the phone and the next time mended a break very near their end and they never turned out at all.

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