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Monday, 26 November 2012

Diary Entry - 26th November, 1917

We were reasonably comfortable, having a Nissen hut, also huts for the men and stables for the horses. In the afternoon Cruikshank, Nicholson, Shapland and myself took a ride over the open country. We could not resist it as had never seen anything quite so open in France. We were more than annoyed on getting back to the Mess at four thirty p.m. to find an order there saying we were to go into action that night. At five p.m. an order arrived that we were to move off at six thirty p.m. It was a tremendous rush to get away but the whole brigade managed it. We marched via Bertincourt, Ruyaulcourt, Metz, Trescault and came into action just east of Havrincourt. It commenced snowing as we came through and, after two hours of it, down came the rain. The whole brigade trudged up into action and we had guides from 62nd division RA, the positions being pegged out with pieces of wood. The guides had difficulty in finding their way in the snow, but we eventually hit the positions, all in a small valley. Needless to say, it was getting very sloppy and the going was very heavy, especially up a long slope from the road, and two of our wagons stuck

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