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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Diary Entry - 15th November, 1917

Nicholson goes down to the wagon line being relieved by Shapland and incidentally our brigade goes out and Doonah comes in. The railway still remains unmended and makes ammunition very difficult to keep up as have to handle it so many times. Some large cupolas arrive up from the wagon lines so start the wheeler on splinter-proof shelters. In the morning as I went to the guns there were a lot of aeroplanes spiralling overhead as it was a glorious day and one of our DHSs brought down an enemy's scout in flames. A heavy gunner at Arbre ran forward and cut the iron cross off one of the wings, which floated down a long time after the body of the machine had crashed to earth. In the afternoon after lunch I went up with Shapland to Arbre and we registered the guns. It was rather amusing as Thorburn was registering the same pill box as us but his guns had been moved and were shooting all over the place and he turned round and apologised to me for his bad shooting, explaining that he had just moved his guns and was reregistering. Claudet came up just as I had finished and so I invited myself to tea with him, having one or two things to see him about. Went to tea at their pill box behind St Julien. It had a nice round hole in the roof of the passage where a 5.9' had ricocheted off its surface.

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