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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Diary Entry - 22nd November, 1917

After inspection parade at nine a.m. gun drill and marching drill for the gunners while the horses are out on exercise. During this parade I go to brigade and see Todd about some men we believe to be swinging the lead. Mills comes over to look at our guns, four of which are very bad, the carriages being in a shocking state. During the morning we evacuate four horses, one being my poor old Ginger. They had all four gone blind from this opthalmia disease. We draw two in the afternoon. They had just arrived from Calais and we drew out of a hat for them and were lucky in getting to the best – a black and a bay. The horses were supposed to be allotted by Colonel Beach at the fifteenth battery lines but really Thorburn ran the show, managing to put in plenty of dirty work, he and Armytage being a regular pair of spealers[?]. The horses were very late in arriving. Cruickshank and I waited three hours for them

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