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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Diary Entry - 3rd November, 1917

Gunner Smith, Cruikshank's servant, and Gunner Alcock, Nicholson's, come down to the WL with very sore eyes from mustard gas and have to lie quiet in a darkened place to give their eyes a chance of recovering. After lunch Hoyland went away in the Mess cart to a CGS[?] on the Vlamertinghe Poperinghe road - several other blisters had arisen in the night, probably due to the fact that he wore the same suit of pyjamas. Siggers and I went to Vogeltje to draw some money from the field cashier. We went by foot and lorry. We walked into Pop when we had got the money, had tea at the officers' club, did some shopping, then went to the Dudds, a very dud show near the railway station. We then dined at the rest house, a very nice chateau, right opposite the station, walked up to the first point duty man on the main road, asked him to stop something for us and he pulled up an ambulance filled with Australians. This we jumped into and had a hilarious ride to Ypres lunatic asylum, then striking across country. It was a perilous walk home across shell holes and Siggers went up to his knee in one.

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