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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Diary Entry - 13th November, 1917

A nice sunny day, quite a contrast to the two previous days. Siggers goes down about ten a.m. and while I was at the guns during the morning another host of Gothas came over, right over the position, and dropped two bombs, one in front of Arbre and another 75 yards to the rear of the battery. They then went on towards the wagon lines and our planes chivvied round them and the archies made a great fuss so they turned back and eventually offloaded their bombs in the Strombeke Valley in front of Arbre. At dusk there was an SOS. The Huns attacked the Canadians but our battery saved the situation – at least it caught them heavily and they never got as far as our front line. The infantry seemed highly pleased with it.

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